Keynote Speaker

Hi, I’m Marsha – a Certified Christian Life and Business Coach, with over two decades of experience as an Executive Assistant in Fortune 500 companies and the digital realm. Now, as a sought-after speaker, I share insights on Goals and Time Management, drawing from my unique journey and expertise. Let’s inspire and empower together!

Keynotes Topics

Time Management is Self-Care:

Attendees will learn how effective time management is not just about productivity but also about self-care and creating space for personal growth and fulfillment.

Goal Setting:

 Attendees will learn practical tips on how to set achievable goals and create a roadmap to success.

Customer Service:

Attendees will learn to deliver exceptional client service that creates repeat business and loyal clients.

Life as an Executive VA:

Attendees will learn what it takes to be a successful virtual assistant and executive VA, including time management skills, customer service, and communication strategies.

Trust the Process:

 Attendees will learn how to overcome challenges and trust the process, even when things don’t go as planned.

Wow! Marsha Watson shows her true mastery as a productivity and time management expert. Her presentation on Time Management is Self Care was fluent & fluid, and her language demonstrates her true expertise and experience. As someone who often needs someone to schedule my productivity, She stands out from the crowd as one of the true masters of her craft. Hire Her!
-Dr. Kyle Hulsebus, Chiropractor, International Speaker


Marsha Watson just spoke on Time Management is Self Care. I didn’t think these two things went together, but Marsha broke it down in a simple and concise manner and now I have the tools to manage my time more efficiently. You definitely need to hire Marsha for all your executive needs.
Dr. Natasha Williams, Clinical Psychologist, International Speaker, Radical Self Care & Leadership Expert
Marsha Watson continues to provide great information on time management, productivity and goal setting. She is an excellent speaker, and her expertise is invaluable.
Tamica Williams, CEO TW Innovative Leadership. Workplace Performance and Staff Development Consultant.
Marsha Watson just set the room on fire with her time management is self care speech. I had never thought of time management and self care going hand in hand. She gave us practical tools to use today, to manage our time. I loved hearing her speak.
Juliet Dakpo, Brand & Marketing Strategist
The way Marsha spoke about self-care and time management was on point. She left us with tips that will make a profound difference in how I run my day, I now can create more time for myself.
Karen Donaldson, Celebrity Communication & Confidence Coach